Something Bru-ing on Scafell Pike? An Announcement.

By Vay Mutch

Published: October 31, 2022

Top of Scafell pike.

If you’re reading this, we made it alive and kicking from the top of Scafell Pike—England’s highest peak. Which, we hope you’ll agree, is good news! So what’s this got to do with websites? We’re glad you asked.

With more peaks ahead of us, we’re excited to unveil SiTEBRU: a brand-new way to see the website of your dreams get built-for-you, from design to development. All maintained and hosted carefree from as little as £4.95/month.

Sitebru team hoisting their glad on Scafell Pike

We know what you’re thinking. Hasn’t this all been done before? WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly.

Well, shut it down folks. Nothing to see here.

Sitebru closing after one day? Not so fast...

You really think we’d give up so easily after climbing this bloody mountain?! We’re only just getting started!

As powerful and convenient as existing website builders have been, what they represent are do-it-yourself (DIY) platforms. You’re basically paying to mash generic templates together. Those templates are designed to suit as many businesses as possible, but no business in particular. The phrase, ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, comes to mind.

The ubiquity of these services means almost everyone with an online presence has had the misfortune of slogging through obscure blogs and strange video tutorials on fixing vulnerable WordPress plugins 😬 or actually making your website look like the slick one on the template's cover.

Business owners in the modern day are tasked with two jobs: Build and grow a business in the real-world, and simultaneously, run a website in an ever-changing digital space. Small and medium business owners already work 13 hours more each week than the UK-wide average. More distractions on top of that don’t make for a healthy mix. No wonder two-thirds of small business owners have issues being able to focus on the things they need to.

At Unumbox, we’ve repeatedly seen business customers make the move from DIY platforms to custom solutions. From sole traders to institutional organisations, we’ve served the needs of each business individually. With Sitebru, we’d like to make that experience accessible to all enterprises right out of the gate:

Instead of using a DIY half measure, it should be just as easy to get it done-for-you (DFY)!

DFY is better than DIY

We aren’t being totally honest here. Streamlining the process of getting a proper business website—whether it’s a starter website or a sprawling giant—is all very well and good, but there’s also something in it for us (and it's not just the money 😅).

We want to say things as they are. We want to give great, honest advice even if it means turning heads. To be bold. The way business websites are approached right now is simply crap. Something has to change. And we’ll literally shout about it from the mountain-tops if we have to!

That’s why we’re firing the first shot on crap websites from 972 m high. We mean business.

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