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Typically a website takes up to 4 weeks to build. Feature changes, design alterations, and promptness with required content can have an effect on projections. When booking a website with SiTEBRU, you will be given a schedule with expected milestones, and proposed launch date. We try our best to stick to this but where schedules do require change we communicate with you proactively.

We publish articles and FAQs which cover relevant topics for managing your website. We're never far away though as you can reach us via WhatsApp messaging on +44 7958 450290 - Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (UK time) and via email at hello@sitebru.com.

Absolutely! We believe the starting basis of any responsive website is with mobile displays. It's often the case that 'mobile-responsive websites' are designed and developed primarily for desktops and then scaled down for mobile browsers after the fact. The cost for this is bore in the bandwidth, batteries and loading speed for mobile users who tend to make up the majority of traffic. For us, any website is a 'mobile-responsive website' - create around the challenges and limitations of mobile platforms and reap the benefits of lightning-fast performance whether you're on an older mobile with slow connection or scaling up to the desktop.

Yes, you are given access to the SiTEBRU CMS where you can edit and deploy any changes to your website. We've optimised the process to keep it simple and yet offer great performance. Learn more by booking a free consultation.

Your content and copyright is yours! You can easily download your files or migrate your website to another hosting provider or agency. If you’re on a Pay As You Go package, you’re free to leave at any time without notice. If you decide to spread your payment over a 24month contract, you will need to continue paying.

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