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Three ways to make
money on the side.

From simple referrals to whitelabel services, here are
three brilliant ways to make more money on the side!

The Advocate

Get a website built on Sitebru and we'll give you a referral code too. Whenever someone signs up with your code, both of you will receive a £20 gift card 🎁 (within 60 days of website completion)! Hey, we know you'd be referring everyone and their mothers anyway, so we just wanted to say thank you in advance!

The Side Hustle

If you're an influencer, YouTuber, or simply well connected, this is a great way to walk into some spare cash. We'll sort out your very own SiTEBRU landing page for signups, and for every website completed you get £30 straight to your bank account 🤝!

The Entrepreneur

So, you want your very own website-building business? Let us do the hard work for you 👨‍💻. We'll create a website with packages tailored for your customers, plus look after the hosting too. If you know a niche, this is a great way to provide websites to your audience so you can focus on everything else.

The advocate.

Get a £20 gift card for every successful referral!

It's simple: You get a referral code for being a SiTEBRU customer (thank you!) and everyone who launches a website using that code gets a £20 gift card. Oh, and so do you 😊!

We know you would refer us anyway—this is just our way of saying thanks! It's totally not because we needed a tactical marketing ploy for our internet takeover.

Gift Card for Advocate Referral Scheme

The side hustle.

Get £30 in your bank for every website launched from your very own landing page!

Perfect for growing businesses, YouTubers, and influencers with an audience who need websites anyway.

Apply here, tell us about your audience, and we'll sort out the rest 👍.

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Side hustle influencer promoting for money

The entrepreneur
(coming soon).

Looking to launch a website-building business in a niche you know well?

Let us provide the platform. And the developers. You can focus on the marketing and growing your business while we take care of the websites.

We're running the numbers now 🧮. Just check back on us later and you could be running your own website builder.

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